BadAzzBeads Paracord Skull Lanyard Beads.    Next time you need to put the smack down on someone with that monkey fist,  go ahead and leave an impression on them with a BadAzzBead!  Our beads look great on monkey fists,  key chains, knife lanyards, bracelets and all kinds of different paracord designs.

Our unique skull beads are designed to have 1 strand of 550 paracord pass through the hole comfortably twice.   You might be able to get the cord through the hole a third time but it will be tight.   Any when your new paracord design is done,  it's gonna be BadAzz!

Add one of these paracord beads to that custom knife you've worked on to compliment your art.    These beads also work really well for hoodie strings or zipper pulls on biker jackets etc.

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